Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shokotan debuts as an actress in cellphone jdorama

Nakagawa Shoko, known as a singer, a talent, a blogger, and an illustrator, is going to debut as an actress in a Japanses cellphone and music drama, inspired by her new song, 千の言葉と二人の秘密 (sen no kotoba to hutari no himistu).

The drama is called 恋の正しい方法は本にも設計図にも載っていない(Koi no tadashii houhou wa hon nimo sekkeizu nimo notteinai) (Starts on August 8, 2010)
Nakagawa commented that because it was her first time acting, she was very nervous. However, because she relates to the character very well, she said that after awhile, acting as the character became something very natural. (OMGJPOP)

Okay, this means that I've been having the fabulous misconception that she's an actress since forever.

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