Monday, July 26, 2010

My pet lovebird got eaten by a lizard.

Hello everyone, it's me again. I am having some problems because my new LG GD580 Lollipop phone does not have a very good camera, so the photos I take are of relatively bad quality. Worse still, I can't figure out how to connect it to the computer, so the photos in my phone cannot be transferred to my PC. :( And I don't have a proper camera of my own!

My pet bird died today. Apparently, it got eaten by a monitor lizard while I was at school. The monitor lizard somehow managed to open the door of the birdcage and caught the bird. It then hid under the car. My maid saw what was going on and shouted to my parents, telling them that it was a crocodile. Since they thought it was a crocodile(dangerous!), they decided to stay away from it and call the authorities to catch it. In Singapore, you can actually call the government agency to catch a snake/monkey that you find in your house, because such animals are rare in Singapore.

The reasons why my parents believed that it was a crocodile and not something else was because: 1. My maid came from a kampung in Indonesia and would be able to recognise a crocodile, 2. It rained very heavily last night and becuase there have been floods these past few days, it would be possible for a crocodile to escape from the nearby crocodile farm to my house and 3. My neighbourhood has a lot of animals not commonly found in the rest of Singapore.

Anyway, as I mentioned above, the crocodile was not a crocodile at all, but a monitor lizard. If my parents knew that it was a monitor lizard, they would probably have rushed down to rescue the bird, since monitor lizards are not as dangerous as crocodiles and they have encountered monitor lizards before. Anyway, the agency did not believe that it was a crocodile and told my parents to call a pest controller. Since it would take too long for the pest controller to come, my mother tried to drive the car away so that my maid and father could save the bird. But she took a long time becuase she thought it was a crocodile and was very afraid. And when she finally got into the car, a big delivery van parked outside my neighbour's house, so she could not get out. Anyway, the bird was already dead by that time. The monitor lizard did not really eat the bird, just bit it. The lizard then escaped into the drain. :O

Again, I'm very sad. Last night, I was thinking of bringing the bird indoors because it was raining heavily, but changed my mind as the rain stopped just as I was about to sleep. If I had brought it in, maybe things would have been different. Oh well.

I wasn't a very good pet owner, but my bird was really cute. It was very tame and not scared of humans at all. It didn't know how to fly and even when I let it out of it's cage, it wouldn't walk out of the garden but instead into the house. I had my pet bird for slightly more than two years, it was a lovebird. It will be hard to find another bird that can replace this bird. It might be just as cute, but it probably won't be as tame and baka-ish. I wonder if knowing how to fly would have saved my pet bird's life today~

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