Monday, July 26, 2010

Daito Shusuke discharged from hospital, writes a blog post about it~

Actor Daito Shunsuke (24) was recently injured in a motorcycle accident. While riding his motorcycle in Tokyo’s Setagaya ward on June 18, he collided with a car, resulting in a compound fracture in his femur. Daito was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery on the 19th. Read the article about his accident here.

On July 20th he announced thought his personal blog that he got discharged from the hospital:

"Thank you everyone.
I’m sorry if I worried you.
Thanks to you, I am successfully discharged.
The support I received from you gave me power (strength)
So you can see a happy face.
I will try to do a better job from now on
Thank you.
I want to face the things in front of me more carefully.
Please look forward to the blog too!"
-Daito Shunsuke (JpopFun)

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