Sunday, July 11, 2010

Asami Reina and Katsuji Ryo on date, holding hands!

Just some time back, FRIDAY reported that actress Asami Reina (27) was in a serious relationship with actor Omori Nao (38). However, there were no further reports after that, and there have been sightings of Asami Reina holding hands with young actor Katsuji Ryo (23). Exciting~

On 28 June this year at around 7pm, Asami Reina and Katsuji Ryo attended a performance at a theatre in Shimo-kitazawa, Tokyo. The theatre seats about 400, and the two were sitting side by side. They were chatting animatedly, with smiles on their faces. :) Then, they did not really seem like a couple on a date but more of a casual outing, and the woman who saw this said that she thought they were part of a bigger group, but then she did not see any other actors around. She also reported that they looked good together, especially since the two of them are on the tall and thin side.

It was described that the two had a good aura about them. They held hands once during the three hour concert, when they were making their way through the crowd to the exit.

The source also adds that this relationship might work out as the age difference is now 4 years, instead of with Omori Nao, where they was a larger age gap of 11 years. (Entame)

No pictures, sorry. :/ For some reason, this news makes me feel all light and fluffy though I barely know anything about them, only Katsuji Ryo from Tokyo DOGS (teehee Horikawa)

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