Sunday, July 11, 2010

AKB48 is coming to Singapore, NMB48 is formed

AKB48 and SKE48 are soon going to get a new sister group. NMB48, named after the Namba area of Osaka, is going to officially launch this fall. The news was announced during an AKB48 concert on Saturday at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium.

NMB48 already has an official website and is currently gathering girls for an audition that will start this summer. The group is expected to start activities in November.

AKB48 also announced that they will perform in Italy this October, followed by performances in Singapore and Macau in November. (Tokyograph)

I've never listened to AKB48 music and I barely know much about their members, but AKB48 itself is already confusing enough, why do they need so many sister groups? I think the individual members are all sweet and innocent looking but they are really annoying in such a big group and how on earth do fans remember who's who? (my personal opinion, sorry if I offended anyone) I wish some other group like Arashi or KAT-TUN could come to Singapore... Maybe if AKB48's concert is a success, other bands will be more interested to come? Okay, Singaporean (and Malaysian) AKB48 fans, go for the Singapore concert if you can! Maybe we'll get more Japanese bands to hold concerts here! :D

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