Sunday, June 20, 2010

You & Jin, formspring, Cartoon KAT-TUN

While searching for reviews of the You & Jin concert online, this is what I got! Click to enlarge.

MAN, JIN TOTALLY OWNS BIEBER! Okay, I know this is not a fair test etc, but I just thought it was pretty funny. Anyway, for those of you who are interested, I found a review of the concert here. I'm really glad it went well. :)

I've been addicted to Cartoon KAT-TUN for the past few days! It's really, really interesting and I'm starting to think that I would continue watching the show even if KAT-TUN weren't the hosts. But I find that Akanishi Jin and Ueda Tatsuya are too quiet during the show. :/ Oh, I've developed a strong liking for Ueda! He's pretty, smart, not scrawny but slender, and strong! And I kind of like him for his quietness, though I wish he'd speak up more! Too bad he doesn't appear in dramas often.

Do you think Arashi will ever break up? Nope, never! For a list of reasons why, see the previous question (it's almost the same as yours) and my answer.

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