Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Really long answer to formspring qn!

how is Arashi's succes to you? are they gonna stay long with their succesful progress now? (no I'm not biased XD)

Hmmm, I think Arashi's gonna stay successful for a longLONG time! Or at least, I hope so! Hahaha I'm not a fortune teller so there's no way of telling! But I think Arashi has a good chance of staying successful because:
1. Their members don't have other commitments like sports or other bands, so Arashi's pretty much the most obvious route for them to take and they won't leave Arashi
2. They have an enormous fan base both in and out of Japan. Each of the members have their own fans, and it's not like KAT-TUN where fans mostly like 2 of their members, it's all 5!
3. There have never been reports of Arashi members not getting along (correct me if I'm wrong), and the size of the band (5ppl) is just right to me, so there won't be any conflicts or anything.
4. None of them are really good looking, except for Jun! (hahaha I'm being biased here) They're more adorkable than anything, so it's not like fans won't like them when they grow older (and uglier)
5. They've been around for 10 years already, 10 more shouldn't be a problem!


  1. i agree with all you mentioned though i wanna add some comments. just my personal opinion (=

    actually each of them have different talents and they can go into doing main line of work like newscaster, movie actor, artist, variety host and concert coordinator. but i think they will definitely stay in arashi just because they love arashi too much and not for any other reason

    i totally agree with that each of them has equally large fan base globally, thanks to the internet! and yes i have never heard of them not getting along or get into an argument, let alone say fighting, regardless of any tv shows, magazines, interviews etc. instead we totally sense the love between them so much that sometimes i wish they can refrain from all the lovely dovely to stop us fans from being so jealous ~

    umm but i really think they are good looking, i mean their charm outshines everything physically that makes them good looking. and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder ne, when we like someone, even when he turns 50yrs old he will still be good looking deshou. LOL

  2. Hahaha I think this is the longest comment I've had in ages! :D In terms of physical appearance, I find that Arashi members arent' dead handsome, they're more cute than anything else and they can be quite scrawny (like almost all the other johnnys). But yup, it's precisely because we like them because they are oh so goofy (something that won't change no matter how many wrinkles they get) that we will support them and their crack moments for a longlong time!

    agree about 1,2,3 and 5 but not 4. but oh well, everyone has their own opinions right? :)

    but they're still hot to me I SWEAR I'M NOT BIASED 8D

    thanks again. will ask you moar and moar xD


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