Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yamamoto Yusuke and Mizobata Junpei to co-star in play

Yamamoto Yusuke (22) and Mizobata Junpei (21) will both star in a play together, tentatively titled "Pride."
"Pride" will is mainly a two-man show. The story follows a kamikaze pilot from World War II who "time slips" into the present day, where he becomes friends with a part-timer. The play is said to depict the good fortune that modern youths don't even notice that they have.
Both characters have completely different lines and ways of talking, but Yamamoto and Mizobata will be experimenting by alternating the roles with each show. The play is being organized and produced by Ever Green Entertainment, the talent agency that manages both actors.
The play will be performed on a tight schedule, with eight shows planned within a four-day span (July 26-29). Venues will be in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya. In addition to "Pride," each performance will include a second, short 30-minute play that Yamamoto and Mizobata will appear in, along with other cast members such as Okamoto Rei (18) and Sato Yuki (26). (Tokyograph)

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