Friday, June 18, 2010

Avex unwilling to sign contract with Sawajiri Erika?

On 22 May, Sawajiri Erika (24) finally appeared in public for a long time, after much controversy. Matsuura Masato, the president of Avex, a Japanese entertainment company, had said that he would love to help her out after her divorce. Then, it was reported that he was fascinated by her talent and had already contacted her a while ago to work out a deal.

However, it now seems that Avex is now finding the situation more difficult that they had imagined, and do not want to sign a contract with Erika, who is infamous for her revealing outfits, bad attitude, as well as scandals involving substance abuse. So, Sawajiri Erika virtually has no source of income, since all her endorsments by companies have been cancelled.

Erika's mother was quoted as saying that "Erika has been decieved." In the middle of her divorce and without a job, Erika is trapped in a very difficult situation. (Entame)

I've never liked Sawajiri Erika, but I feel that all her negative points are actually causing people to be more interested in her, so any albums/ dramas she produces will profit?

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