Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ueto Aya and Uchino Masaaki for drama - again!

Ueto Aya (24) will star in a short drama series this fall, titled "Juunen Saki mo Kimi ni Koishite." This will be her first time leading a series on NHK.
The show reunites her with actor Uchino Masaaki (41), whom she worked with in the 2004 tennis manga adaptation "Ace wo Nerae!" Back then, the two played the roles of a student and a tennis coach, but here they will be playing love interests.
The story focuses on 26-year-old Rika (Ueto), a single editor who is unskilled in love. The story starts when a man (Uchino) appears before her, telling her that he is her husband from 10 years in the future. He informs her that she will meet the young version of himself in a few days, but begs her not to marry him.
Both Ueto and Uchino will have double roles, playing their characters in the present and 10 years in the future.
The drama is an original story written by popular screenwriter Omori Mika. NHK will broadcast the series for six episodes on Tuesday nights at 10:00pm, starting on August 31. (Tokyograph)

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