Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oguri braves storm and heights in new CM

Actor Oguri Shun attended the press conference for the new CM of Sony Ericsson's mobile phone in Tokyo.
In the CM, he was blown away while he was walking in the storm and making a phone. A real storm had been recreated with about 10 tons of water and over 40 kps strong wind.

In the scene, Oguri Shun was lifted to 10 meters high by a 40 meters high crane truck. He was said to be surprised by the large-scale scene. "I thought it was amazing. It looked like a movie shooting." and, "In fact, I don't feel too comfortable with heights. And because I didn't know the timing of the flying, it was a little terrifying." Moreover, he talked about shooting in the rainstorm with a wry smile: "It's quite rare to see such a strong wind and rain and I didn't expect so much water to be poured on me. I was sick for two days." However, he still worked hard despite the difficulties. "This time, I also tried hard to not close my eyes in the face of the wind and rain."

The new CM will be on air from June 21st. (Music Japan+)

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