Monday, June 21, 2010

Ebihara Yuri and Ilmari back from their wedding in Paris

Popular CanCam model Ebihara Yuri (30) and her husband Ilmari (35), member of hip-hop band Rip Slyme, arrived at Narita Airport yesterday after their wedding in Paris, France on 16 June. The two announced that they were married in May 2010. Ilmari was mostly silent and did not do more than smile and nod at the reporters. Ebihara said that she "wants to work hard" as a model.

Ebihara said that Paris was very fun and that the day after the wedding, which coincided with Ilmari's 35th birthday, they had stayed with Ilmri's relatives. She also mentioned that they are not planning on having children at the moment. There is no two-shot of them together at the airport. (nikkansports)

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