Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Letter to self

Dear xxx,

Honey, you know your exam is tomorrow, don't you. Then why aren't you taking yourself seriously? Don't tell me you're demoralised because from today's paper because I know you don't feel any of that crap. There's a whole tonne of revision for you to do ecause I know you haven't started. You can do well if you want to. Remember in the first test, you scored an A1 when half the cohort failed? And then in the second test, you scored an F9 when everyone proclaimed that it was the easiest Maths test they had ever sat for. You really need to pull up your socks. Yes, I'm nagging and I've said this a few million times before, but it's true. You're just letting your talent go to waste like this. You think I've said enough? Well, I can tell you I jolly well haven't. Stop letting your life drift by. You have the brains to go to the top junior college in the country but if you continue like this, you'll probably go to a technical institution. You entered your secondary school as one of the top students (and you thought you underperformed then!), and now you're hanging out with the hooligans in the worst class, the class that the teachers can't control and dread to teach, the class where the students sleep in front of the teacher or cuss loudly at them, the class that has double the L1R5 as the other classes. The class that makes up the 10% or so of the school cohort that doesn't make it to any junior college. Think about it. If you choose to get your act together, I'm behind you all the way. If you choose to continue like this, good luck. You'll need it.

Yours sincerely,

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