Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Life's more fun when you're an idiot."

I've been such a bum recently. I haven't found a job and probably won't be finding one and my room still isn't cleaned out. Everywhere I look there's all my notes, worksheets, (undone) assessment books and homework that I couldn't wait to throw out before O levels. Well, they're still here and everytime I look at them I remember that I'll be collecting my results next month. I really wish I had studied more but it can't be changed.

Watched Fine, Totally Fine for the third time yesterday. Been watching Guilty too, but since it's still showing I only get to watch one episode a week. And I think watching another drama while waiting for the rest of the series will somehow decrease my viewership experience, so...

I was definitely planning on changing the layout of this blog, but still haven't got around to doing it.

Why is it that I find life more stressful now that I don't have to do anything?

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