Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ueda on his solo concert, toe injury and Akanishi Jin

KAT-TUN’s Ueda Tatsuya has his solo live concert at The First Gymnasium in Yoyogi on September 26. It was reported last month that during KAT-TUN’s concert in Taipei, Ueda broke his left big toe. However, he still continued to perform at the next concert, which was on the next day.
Ueda’s solo concert tour started early last month in which he will have 8 performances in 5 cities. Although his injury is not yet completely healed and it was said that he’s still in pain, he acted like a professional and even ran around the stage, completely focused on the stage director’s instructions.
“SCOOP! Shougeki Shasin” gave a detailed report about Ueda’s accident in Taiwan and had photos showing the sequence of Ueda’s 3 meter jump. “After I jumped, I just thought ‘This is bad’,” he said in a joke.
About his first solo live tour, Ueda expressed that he’s so happy about it and it was his dream to have one. When asked about Akanishi Jin, who have left the group and will perform in 5 cities in the US, all Ueda said is “He is my friend. So I’ll be supporting him in his activities”. (tokyohive)

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  1. I love the fact he said "He is my friend" and not just "I'll be supporting him in his activities."

    Made the whole statement more meaningful and personal.


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