Monday, September 27, 2010

Toda Erika digs her nose for "SPEC"

Actress Toda Erika (22) and actor Kase Ryo (35) took the stage at TBS today to present their new drama "SPEC".

Toda stood out in her role as Touma Saya, a weird woman and genius with an IQ of 201 who always has her left arm in a triangular bandage and never stands straight. "About 3-4 years ago I realized that while I need to have pride as an actress, I don't need any kind of womanly pride for acting," Toda was fully motivated about her role. "The director gave me instruction like, 'I want you to pick your nose'. Of course it was a bit shocking at first, but no matter what filthy or cruel things he wants me to do, if he requests it, I'll do it," she explained and stated all the fun she had during the filming while not thinking about her image as a woman.

The drama is a sequel to the series "Keizoku" that aired 11 years ago and has almost the same staff as well as a few actors that already appeared in the original, including veteran actor Ryuu Raita (70). Of course the story will be similar as well and focus on a special team that handles unsolvable cases. That team is being led by Touma as mentioned above and Sebumi Takeru (Kase), a former commandant of the special forces.

Kase had some interesting stories to share from the filming. "Toda has been on a rampage lately. She goes way beyond what is written inside the script, starts to do a lot of ambiguous things, but she's so great that almost everything will make it into the final version," he described her acting.

Toda also said a few things about Kase, "He is always very straightforward, during his performance and in private. However, recently I think he started to reveal his actual true self. He has a very unique side to him and often comes up with the craziest ideas about Touma. It's just fun doing all those absurd things together with him."

"SPEC" will air every Friday and have its premier on October 8. As usual, the first episode will be 15 minutes longer. (Kawaii Joyuu)

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