Friday, September 17, 2010

The sort of lovers Miura Haruma and Tabe Mikako would like to have

Actor Miura Haruma and actress Tabe Mikako attended the test screening of the movie "Kimi ni Todoke" together. The movie, which was adapted from a popular manga, will be released on September 25th. In the movie, Tabe plays the role of Sawako, who is called "Sadako", the horror movie character, while Miura Haruma plays the role of Kazehaya, an outgoing and friendly friend of Sawako.

When they were asked what type of person they would fall in love with, Tabe replied, "I prefer those with abundant knowledge," while Miura said, "I like girls like Sawako-chan, with black hair, and a motto such as 'Do a good deed for the day'." In the end, flumpool played the theme song of the movie. Sitting among the audience, Tabe was moved into tears: "Sawako is well-supported by a lot of people. Listening to the music, I feel so touched..." (Music Japan+)

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