Thursday, September 23, 2010

Picture flash: Kame's designer clothes, Yamapi's friends, some HSJ boys, and the usual "Akanishi with a woman"

A compilation of Kame wearing designer clothing... Which doesn't look good on him, most of the time.

Akanishi Jin with Miss Vietnam at an event premier (identiy of woman was contributed by Anonymous). Well, she's really tall. :O

Yamashita Tomohisa with hs friends, who all look surprisingly good despite having their eyes covered. In fact, Yamapi looks kind of washed out compared to them.

Yamada Ryosuke with Nakajima Yuto. (Yuto used to be so cute in Nobuta wo Produce~)

Yamada Ryosuke and Chinen Yuri.

Sources: Kame designer - choko44; Jin with woman - choko44; Yamapi and friends - Janimoe; Yamada and Nakajima - Janimoe; Yamda and Chinen - choko44


  1. LOL really don't like Kame's designer outfits?But he is the only one who can get away with the divaness. He carries suits off well though. I like his Dior suits. And jeans! I can't imagine anyone else wearing the same clothes he does. ;)

  2. @smalfoy
    Finally I have time to reply to comments! Oh well, he does look okay in most of them, but I really dislike the first and last ones. I prefer Kame the actor more than Kame the singer in his weird outfits, designer or not! You're right, Kame's an aboslute diva! XD

  3. Hello!!

    just a lil info abt jin's pic...that woman is actually a miss Vietnam which was invited to a premier I cant remember from which year but just so u can provide the complete info :D

    keep the good work, I always follow ur blog ^^


  4. @Anonymous
    Okay, I shall include that bit of info in~ Thanks for the info and your well wish! (^_^)


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