Friday, September 10, 2010

Oda Yuji's wife is Noda Maiko

Late last month, it was announced that actor Oda Yuji (42) had gotten married to a 30-year-old woman. No other information was given at that time, arousing the curiousity of many. Today's edition of Tokyo Sports has announced that his wife is a beauty by the name of Noda Maiko.

Noda Maiko was born in Ashiya, Hyogo. Her mother was a model and her father is a heavyweight in the fashion industry. When Noda was studying in university, she was chosen to model for some magazines. After her graduation, she specialised in makeup and beauty, and often appeared in the beauty columns of magazines. She was a guest on the show "NINETY-NINE SIZE". Though she is not so well-known as a beauty specialist, her family is very well-regarded.

Earlier, Oda Yuji had confirmed that he will be acting in a drama that will be aired in January 2011. The filming for this drama will take him to San Fransisco after his ongoing honeymoon, but his wife will be going back to Japan instead of accompanying him to the filming site. The Japanese media is pretty disappointed about this, since they have been waiting eagerly to get a two-shot of the couple! (YNET)

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