Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mizushima Hiro takes such good care of Ayaka that she has put on weight

Currently, singer Ayaka Iida (22) has been taking a break due to her suffering from Graves' Disease. Her devoted husband, Mizushima Hiro (26), although busy with the production and promotion of the movie "BECK", seems to be finding time to take care of her.

In "BECK", Mizushima plays the role of a genius guitarist in a band. However, in real life, he does not have any experience with playing the guitar. A person involved in the production of the movie said, "To improve his guitar-playing for the movie, Mizushima cut back on sleep to train. But after filmings, when we go out to drink, he does not participate much and goes home before midnight. Undoubtedly, he goes home early is to take care of his wife.".

On September 2, Ayaka was in Ginza, wearing a dress and sunglasses. She had short hair and her ring was shining brilliantly. Though she was more plump, she looked like she was in good health. She went into a salon for two hours and then came out, looking radiant.

Some say that Ayaka might be pregnant, since she and Mizushima had mentioned wanting to have children. However, I jus googled Graves' Disease, and it seems like it might affect pregnancy.

The magazine that reported this has pictures of Ayaka in Ginza, but I can't find them right now. It is good that Ayaka is putting on weight anyway, since she was is sick. (Entame)

I'm so glad they're both doing so well.

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