Friday, September 17, 2010

Minna-san, gokigenyo! (LOL at my warped romanji)

My hiatus has been in place for less than 48 hours, and it's not going that well! I keep on wondering what's happening in the Japanese entertainment world and thinking about how I might get a big shock if something big happens and I only find out about it a week later or so. Oh, I had a dream about Ikuta Toma the night before! It was quite a confusing dream and if it wasn't even supposed to be a happy dream because someone was threatening to set a bomb off or something, but I was really glad because Toma was there with me. I didn't really like him before this but I think I'm now a fan of his! :)) I woke up too soon though. :/

Anyway, to more important things~ It seems like some people have had trouble accessing this blog. Someone asked me a question on Formspring asking me if I had deleted my blog because they couldn't find it and at that time I was kind of confused. But today I saw on someone's tumblr (yes I know I said I'd stop using tumblr!) that a few others were unable to see an article because it was "removed". And I realised that there are periods when I have zero pageviews when I check Blogger Stats. So, I've come to the (rather obvious) conclusion that there's something wrong! If you have difficulty reading my blog at anytime please inform me through an email or comment.

Blogger's been getting rather annoying recently, so I'm thinking of moving at the end of the year. But where? o~(0-0)~o

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