Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Which young actress can act as a wicked woman?

goo made a survey about actresses again, using NTT DoCoMo's voting and ranking feature and this time almost 40,000 people answered the question about "Which young actress would have no problems playing a wicked woman?".

With more than twice the amount of votes than the 2nd place, actress Yoshitaka Yuriko (22) was able to monopolize the top position in this ranking. She can probably thank her previous not-so-innocent roles like in the drama "Taiyo to Umi no Kyoshitsu" and, of course, in the movie "Snakes and Earrings". However, with her most recent starring role as a girl with an incurable disease in the drama "Mioka" and other previous roles she also has shown that she can play more than just one type of role. Anyway, most people think that she would have no problems at all conveying the role of a wicked woman.

The full results are as follows

01 – Yoshitaka Yuriko

02 – Nagasawa Masami
03 – Ishihara Satomi
04 – Inoue Mao
05 – Aoi Yuu
06 – Ueto Aya
07 – Miyazaki Aoi
08 – Ayase Haruka
09 – Tabe Mikako
(Kawaii Joyuu)

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