Sunday, August 1, 2010

Top 10 influential people in Japan (and the Johnny's boys)

Around mid-June, eight prominent Japanese sites (Ameba, Infoseek Rakuten,, Niconico Douga, Hatena, @peps! Chips, Mobage Town, MSN Sankei news) conducted the same online poll and gathered all the votes received together - a total of around 265,000 votes - into one comprehensive ranking. The question asked was which Japanese person they considered most influential, and here are the top ten along with Arashi's rankings:

01. Kitano Takeshi (filmmaker)

02. Ichiro (baseball player)
02. Naoto Kan (Prime Minister)
04. Ozawa Ichiro (House of Representatives member)
05. Koizumi Junichiro (former Prime Minister)
06. Shimada Shinsuke (Talent)
07. Hatoyama Yukio (former Prime Minister)
08. Renho (Minister for Administrative Reforms)
09. Higashikokubaru Hideo (governor of Miyazaki)
10. Honda Keisuke (soccer player)
17. Kimura Takuya (talent)
24. Arashi (idol group)
38. Sakurai Sho (talent)
42. Matsumoto Jun (talent)
48. Ohno Satoshi (talent)
49. Ninomiya Kazunari (talent)
51. Aiba Masaki (talent)
89. SMAP (idol group)
No other JE groups or artists made it to the top 100. (arashi_on)

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