Friday, August 27, 2010

Tamaki Hiroshi and Kato Rosa dating again

This week's issue of FRIDAY speculates that actor Tamaki Hiroshi (30) and actress Kato Rosa (25) are dating again, based on new photos of the two. They were first rumored to be an item in the summer of 2007, but they broke up and were each involved in other relationships since then.
In 2007, they were said to be like close family friends, and it looks like they still are. Sometime this month, Kato and a woman who appeared to be her mother visited Tamaki and his family at their home. On a separate occasion in July, Tamaki picked up Kato in his car and they drove back to his house. FRIDAY also took a picture of the pair on a drive date earlier this month.
Although they are said to have broken up three years ago, a friend who knows both of them explained that Kato was still like a younger sister to Tamaki, and the two continued going out for meals together. A different source said that while they are currently dating again, it seems that the topic of marriage has not come up.
Kato's management said that she and Tamaki are good friends, while Tamaki's agency declined to comment. (Tokyograph)

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