Tuesday, August 10, 2010

PR stunt for SP: The Motion Picture - Terrorists arrack Fuji TV's president and Okada Junichi defends him!

Today, Fuji TV held a special PR event for the upcoming two-parter movie "SP: The Motion Picture" at their head office in Odaiba, Tokyo. Just the day before was the "Fuji TV Day" and so the TV station's president decided to appear at the PR event for one of their most successful late-night dramas as well.
The president arrived in a black car at the head office and got escorted to the event by the 4th District Security Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department made up of Okada Junichi, Maki Yoko, Matsuo Satoru and Kamio Yuu.
Unfortunately, at the beginning of the event, the sky clouded up and it started to rain. All of a sudden, a couple of suspicious people appeared among the crowd and tried to attack the president. Matsuo and Kamio were able to pin down the first two with ease while another one rushed towards the president with an iron pipe. Fortunately Okada is well-trained in the Filipino martial art "Kali" and was able to eliminate this threat as well. All four of the actors were visibly delighted that everything worked out so well and even the rain suddenly stopped again as if it was part of the performance. The spectators were amazed and rewarded them with a rapturous applause.
The original drama "SP" that aired late-night back in the fall season of 2007 became a huge hit and surprisingly achieved an average rating of 15.4%, with one episode even reaching incredible 18.9%. It ended up outshining most of the prime-time dramas and became Fuji TV's most successful late-night drama. In the movie the small team will have to go up against threats on a much larger scale than in the drama and since it's a two-parter, it's double the fun.
"We wanted to create entertainment on a never before seen scale and kicked it off with a bang and an intensity that is never decreasing throughout the movie. I think you all are really going to enjoy it," Okada promoted the movie. Maki as well, "There is an incredible amount of action scenes with the guys, it's a feast for everyone who wants to see that, but I had a lot of action scenes as well. Beating and kicking up guys felt really good. The movie turned out great and I hope you will enjoy it."
Okada also praised the teamwork among the actors and the staff, "It was an exceptional long period of 8 months of filming, but the teamwork was amazing and everyone was like 'Let's challenge this project.' Compared to the drama it was like throwing one straight ball at full speed rather throwing a ball that changes its speed (to describe it in baseball terms)."
"SP: The Motion Picture – Ambition" will open on October 30 and the sequel " – Revolution" in spring 2011. (Kawaii Joyuu)

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