Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nakama Yukie's poster for her upcoming stage performance~

Nakama Yukie will play the lead role for stage performance “Ryukyu Romanesc Temperor“, which will start on February 6th through 28th, at the Akasaka ACT Theater, Tokyo. The poster was recently revealed, in which Yukie shows herself in a traditional Okinawan dress.

This stage performance is about the Ryukyu Kingdom, which existed in Okinawa during 1429 to 1879.
Okinawa is where Yukie was born and raised. Yukie said, “It’s a story of my hometown, so it is special to me. I hope people will feel both the sad and happy aspects of Okinawan history.”
Other cast members are Namase Katsuhisa and Yamamoto Kouji. (tokyohive)

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