Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hirouse Ryoko has a new boyfriend?

The latest issue of Josei Seven includes a rumor that actress Hirouse Ryoko (30) has a new boyfriend. This past Sunday, she was seen on the campus of Hokkaido University, apparently on a date with candle artist Candle JUNE.

According to the magazine, Candle JUNE's Tokyo store is near Hirosue's home, so they happened to meet and gradually became closer. Hirosue was also seen at one of the artist's events this past spring.
Hirosue's agency was unable to comment, saying that it does not know the details about her private life. Before this, Hirosue was rumored to be in a serious relationship with actor Nagai Masaru (32), but they seem to have broken up around the start of this year. Neither of their agencies ever confirmed that relationship.

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