Sunday, August 1, 2010

Domoto Koichi next to go to the US?

KinKi Kids member Domoto Koichi (31) has been performing his musical "SHOCK" (currently titled "Endless SHOCK") since 2000. On Saturday, after the musical's 751st performance, it was announced by Johnny's Entertainment president Kitagawa Johnny that there are plans to bring the production to the United States as early as 2012.

Saturday marked the final performance of "Endless SHOCK" for this year. 2010 was a milestone for the musical, as an anniversary year and as the first year that it was performed 100 times.

The central story of "SHOCK" is about a small, unknown group of actors in New York who get a chance to produce a big show for a Broadway theater. Because of its story and its long-running success so far,
Kitagawa feels that American audiences can also enjoy the musical. Currently, he is aiming to have it performed in major entertainment cities such as New York and Las Vegas, though more specific planning will be done later this year.

The United States will not be the only new location for the musical. Up until now, all of the performances have been held at the Imperial Garden Theater in Tokyo, but in 2012, Kitagawa plans to do shows in other major cities in Japan, including Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, and Fukuoka. The U.S. performances, if they happen, would be in addition to those new venues.

It was also announced on Saturday that Domoto will release a new solo album titled "BPM" on September 1, his first in four years. Starting on September 11, he will launch a solo tour consisting of 25 concerts at 9 venues. (Tokyograph)
Seems like old Johnny-san is thinking about making Johnny's Entertainment a world-wide thing?c Heheh, INVASION OF THE JOHNNY'S BOYS. YUMMY.

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