Wednesday, August 4, 2010

BoA to act in Hollywood movie

Korean singer BoA has been chosen as the main female character of a new Hollywood movie. According to the agency, BoA will be starring in a movie by Duane Adler, who had already gathered great attention with his dance movies. The dance movie this time will be set in New York, but the title has not been announced yet. The movie will also be produced by famous producer Robert W. Cort. Casting is still taking place for the main character and the rest of the cast. Filming will begin at the beginning of next year in the U.S.
BoA's agency also revealed that "BoA will probably be showing a dynamic dance performance." They also added: "We hope you are all anticipating the movie and the love story with the male character, as this is a new challenge to BoA, who has already debuted 10 years ago."
This month on the 5th, BoA will also be release her 6th Album "Hurricane Venus" in South Korea. (Music Japan+)

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