Wednesday, August 4, 2010

BECK cast at HMV Shibuya

The cast members of upcoming movie, “BECK“, appeared at HMV Shibuya and held a talk event on August 1st. “BECK” is originally a popular manga and is the story about a rock band named “BECK”. Members of the band are Mizushima Hiro (guitar), Sato Takeru (vocals and guitar), Kiritani Kenta (vocals), Nakamura Aoi (drums), and Mukai Osamu (bass).
To see these hot stars, 100 fans (limited) rushed to the event at HMV Shibuya. HMV Shibuya is the huge flagship store of HMV Japan, that not only has a huge range of titles, but also an event stage where popular artists perform. However, it has been decided that they will close the store on August 22nd. Mizushima Hiro said sadly, “This is where I spent a lot of time during my student days. Thank you for the great memories.”
“BECK” will be released on September 4th. (tokoyohive)

I just had to blog about news concerning Mizushima Hiro, no matter how old or insignificant it is. :)

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