Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yonekura Ryoko and Okamoto Kenichi spotted on date

The latest issue of Josei Seven reports that actress Yonekura Ryoko (34) and actor Okamoto Kenichi  (41) are in a relationship. The two were recently seen together on a date. Josei Seven published photos of Okamoto driving
Yonekura's car and picking her up. Inside the car, they were seen talking with their faces close together.
The two met when they worked together on the 2005 drama special "Kurokawa no Techou," and then again for the stage version of the drama in 2006. In the summer of 2008, an evening tabloid reported that the two were seen holding hands on a date, but both of them denied it. With regard to Josei Seven's article, Yonekura's agency again stated that the two are just friends. Okamoto's agency said it had no particular comment on the rumor.
In 1992, Okamoto married a former model, who gave birth to Keito Okamoto (now in Hey! Say! JUMP). They divorced in 2007. (Kawaii Joyuu)

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