Monday, July 5, 2010

Why I'm developing a crush on everyone in KAT-TUN

I've been becoming more interested in KAT-TUN than Arashi (oh no!), especially after watching like 75 episodes of Cartoon KAT-TUN, but I still don't really have a favourite member. So I've been taking some KAT-TUN quizzes. Haha! Yes, I do think they're silly but it's lots of fun! I've also included an extremely lengthy summary (how ironic) of what I think about each member as a love interest. Here's a page break to spare those who don't care about my fangirling rants or those Arashi purists who hate KAT-TUN...
Quiz 1:
Taguchi Junnosuke is your man!
He is cute and gentle. Also has the so called invincible smile. Kawaii ne? ^o^
Link to quiz

Quiz 2:
Ueda Tatsuya
Congrats!!! Uebo is called the mysterious one but by his side you will realise that he actually very caring too! He will only ever look at you... Link to quiz

Quiz 3:
Link to quiz
Quiz 4:
Taguchi Junnosuke-kun, the most lovable KAT-TUN member. Junnosuke-kun give off a very romantic aura. I quote: For Christmas, from my lover, If I had a really long scarf, I’d love to wind it around my neck and my her neck too.— And (if it were white day and he were to reciprocate): Like for example, giving gloves as a present and when the girl put her hand in it, an accessory would come out…wouldn’t that be great, then? But if she was to put her finger in it and a ring came out, then, it’d be like… “What is this-?!”— Junnosuke-kun, is a confidant person who loves to laugh with everyone around him. He does get bullied by the other members but he sometimes joins in and has fun with it. Junnosuke-kun wants an honest girl, who says ‘I Love You’ and she must always mean it. Because he believes in Love so strongly he’ll always give you words of Love and show you how much he loves you as strongly and gently as he can. ________My opinion Taguchi Junnosuke: I Love Junnosuke-kun! He’s definitely someone I would date! Not only is he a HUGE romantic but he has a smile that stops my heart every time *Dokidoki. Dokidoki*. I’d love to date him, he’s so adorable, really funny and Loving, what’s not to like? As you can see (if you look up at the quotes) he obviously would cares a lot about his Lover and I want to be cared for a lot like that. Link to quiz

Quiz 5:
A true "yasashii" girl - gentle, quiet, kind, delicate and feminine. You're just the kind of girlfriend Maru is looking for. Your kindness will make him fall in love with you forever. Link to quiz

Quiz 6:

I was pretty surprised that neither Jin nor Kame came out, seeing as they're the two members that I know most about and they seem so much more popular, but as I said, I'm starting to like everyone! Especially Ueda and Nakamaru, teehee. I really don't know why Junno came out for half the quizzes that I took? Maybe it was becuase I chose a tall guy. Well, I'm 170cm, and I don't really want to go out with someone the same height as me!

Kamenashi Kazuya: Well, I think I've seen Kame the most out of all the other members, having watched so many of his doramas. Gokusen 2, Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, Nobuta wo Produce, One Pound Gospel, uh... is that all? I used to be mad about Kame from last year to a few weeks back, but after watching Cartoon KAT-TUN my love interest sort of got split between the other members, so... I love Kame for his role in Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, being the closet romantic that I am. And of course, in Gokusen! Sometimes I wonder why Kame is so popular. After all, he's scrawny, feminine, short, has a long face, and his eyebrows seriously scare me. But I still love him. ^^

Akanishi Jin: Well, I'm always in a sort of love-hate relationship with Jin. I don't like it that he's such a playboy, but then he wouldn't be Jin I love if he weren't such a player (am I making any sense over here?!) But I love Jin when he's with kids, and he seems like the sort of determined, upright person I love. It's nice to see him being popular in the US, and I was watching this video about You & Jin on YouTube the other day and just when I thought about how distant and different Jin seemed when he was speaking with his uber-sexy english, he gave a little "cheese" sign with an absolutely adorable smile and I fell in love with him all over again! Kya~

Ueda Tatsuya: Mmmm, I've never seen any doramas with Ueda before, but I think I like him the most out of KAT-TUN. He has this soft and mysterious aura about him, and his current hairstyle plus his glasses kinda remind me of a shy little turtle. And oh he looks so good with his glasses! <33 I like how he's always so quiet and he looks so cool when he does his boxing moves in Cartoon KAT-TUN!

Tanaka Koki: Okay, Koki is probably the only member of KAT-TUN that I don't really have much of a crush on, but I love how he's actually so nice and gentle beneath that dark rapper exterior. I really don't like the way he dresses and his hair annoys me but Koki seems like a secretly sensitive and sweet soul!

Nakamaru Yuichi: Haha, possibly one of the most unnoticable members of KAT-TUN! Sometimes it seems annoying when he trys to speak a lot or be funny during shows and stuff, but I feel that it's to cover up his shyness. Deep down, he's so shy! I remember that episode of Cartoon KAT-TUN when he spoke to Nicholas Cage and totally screwed up because he was so nervous! It was really, really bad and there was nothing funny about it, really, but it showed how shy Maru is. Aaaah, and he seems like a really kind and devoted sort of boyfriend to me. (yeah I know I'm speaking as though as I could date any of them) Oh and I like his new single Film the most out of all the singles in KAT-TUN's new album NO MORE PAIN! It's 5stars in my iPod, haha! And his beatboxing is amazing to the maxes.

Taguchi Junnosuke: I've only ever seen him in Yukan Club. At first I thought his hair in that dorama totally didn't suit him, but now everytime I think of him, that's the image that comes to me! And oh man for so many quizzes I got him as the result. His iriguchi deguchi Taguchi is lame like crazy, but it never fails to make me crack up! :D

PS: Dear reader, if you bothered to read all the way till here, thank you! I love you as much as I love Nakamaru, Ueda, Kame, Jin, Junno and Koki. Hahaha I guess that was the order in which I like them, then! Nakamaru and Ueda are kind of tied though. I really can't decide and the feeling of not being able to decide is so joyful and torturous at the same time! Am I making sense? I love KAT-TUN!


  1. This is too adorable! I've liked the members in KAT-TUN too!~ I started off liking Jin, followed by Ueda, then fell for Kame and tried to ignore him because he gave me an AWFUL crush and the inability to sleep. During my refusal-to-pay-attention-to-Kamenashi-so-I-wouldn't-like-him-period, I fell HARD for Nakamaru then started liking Kame more than ANY other guy I've liked (including the other KAT-TUN members, then kind of liked Koki for 1 day and Taguchi for 2...After all of that I refused to hold back on the fact that I was head over heels for Kame(I STILL am)Mostly I like Kame now. He suddenly became my biggest, most overwhelming crush...

  2. Haha, seems like I'm not the only one with this problem! It feels so fun and annoying at the same time to like them all and not know who you like most!

    I started off liking Kame more than Jin, then Jin more than Kame, and then settled for Kame for some time. But then I started liking Ueda a whole lot, and Junno a little. Then, Maru came along and I think I like him a lot now!

    As for Koki, I like him in the sense that I think he's a nice guy, but I've never had a crush on him.

    So, my favourite now is most probably Maru! :DD

  3. you're not alone sister..i think that after watching all of the eps of cartoon kat-tun, i have fallen for all of them bc each of them possess something unique that makes each of them special in their own

    so yeah at first i liked junno but then i had a major crush on jin bc of his sexiness. after that phase i began liking kame and ueda. now i think i have a crush on all of them even though i am a little more attracted to ueda ;) maybe bc of his mysteriousness

  4. It was the same for me too!! I first knew of Kame only but eventually after watching Cartoon Kat-tun, I like all of them. Nakamaru and Koki are just so earnest with how they are. And I find Ueda can be a real comedian at times. And I love how Junno's KY tendencies just puts the group at ease. And I totally undestand the love/hate relationship you have with Jin. It has been the same for me too. Not just because of the recent news but because his personality is such. Somehow I like their un sugar coated relationship where they are comfortable enough to bully one another. Even Kame who is rarely bullied gets bullied on cartoon kat-tun. I love that show. I hope they get a new one after the end of their concert. :)

  5. It's so funny to hear how there are other fangirls with this "problem" too! xD

    And @Anonymous the second: Yes I hope they make another series of Cartoon KAT-TUN! I think I like the first series the most~ It was also interesting to learn about other Japanese actors/comedians/sportsmen!


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