Friday, July 16, 2010

Toda Erika has an new boyfriend? (Ayano Gou)

After the high-profile breakup between actress Toda Erika (21) and Murakami Shingo  (28), popular member of Johnny's boyband Kanjani8, in January this year, it appears that Erika has recovered enough to have a new boyfriend... Ayano Gou!

On a weekend night in early July, Toda Erika and her friend Ayaka Nishikawa (A-chan, 21) from electropop group Perfume went for dinner at an upscale sushi establishment just off the main street of Ginza. They were accompanied by

At the restaurant, Ayaka and Erika had a rather interesting conversation about love and marriage. The two spent some time discussing about the wonderful feeling of being in love and having someone you could trust. A-chan mentioned that Shingo was "too serious, but you two still had a good relationship". Toda Erika replied, agreeing with her that it had been a good relationship, although media reports might say otherwise...

Toda Erika themn mentioned actor Ayano Gou (28), whom she said she had met a while back. Ayano Gou recently acted in "Crows Zero II" and "Surely Someday" (hey their both Oguri's shows!)

Anyway, this is a pretty drastic change for Toda Erika, who was just last year photographed by tabloids when she was passionately in love with Murakami Shingo. But then, she has always been known for being strong-willed and generally not very concerned about her agency's opinion. (Entame)

And here's a tabloid photo of Erika and Shingo!

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