Monday, July 12, 2010

Surely Someday Press Conference

The movie "Surely Someday", directed by Oguri Shun, held an event at the Tokyo International Forum right before the premiere. It was Oguri's first time working as a director and he praised himself, "Yes, it's a good movie!" while sitting in the audience. Actors of the movie such as Koide Keisuke also went on stage as the band in the movie "Takumi with Surely Stars". It was announced that the theme song will be released as their CD debut. The song was written by Tortoise Matsumoto, who offered himself to Oguri.
After performing the song, Oguri asked Koide, "Were you nervous?", and he replied with a quick "Yes!" But he eventually relaxed with a smile aftter Oguri told him "You were very good. Well-done!"
"Though we kept on saying it was hard, the hardest part was for the director, Oguri. But he never showed any sign of it, and we have gained a lot of power from him." said Koide with a warm smile. Tortoise Matsumoto also made his appearance and played acoustic version on the stage, which made it a special day for the movie.

The movie will be released on 17 July. (Music Japan+)

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