Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ohno Satoshi sunburnt after vacation in Okinawa

Leader of Arashi, Ohno Satoshi talked about his vacation in Okinawa on his radio show “ARASHI
DISCOVERY“. Satoshi says that he loves Okinawa and goes there often for vacation. He said that he enjoyed picking pineapples for the first time and that Okinawa is the best.
However, whenever he comes back from vacation in Okinawa, Satoshi gets warned about his tanned face by the agency and other Arashi members.
This time, he tried not to get a tan, so he put so much sunscreen that his face turned white, however, he did not put any on the bottom of his body. As a result, he got a terrible sun burn on his body and of course, the other Arashi members teased him about it. (tokyohive)

Ohno always makes me laugh~

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