Friday, July 2, 2010

New viewership record set during Japan-Paraguay World Cup match

Broadcaster TBS experienced its highest-ever ratings with Tuesday night's broadcast of the World Cup match between Japan and Paraguay. During the match's scheduled broadcast time, ratings averaged 57.3% and peaked at 64.9%.

This was TBS's first time doing a live broadcast of a Japan match in the World Cup. The 57.3% average set a new record for the network, which has been operating since 1955. The previous record was 56.3%, set on December 21, 1972, by the drama series "Arigatou."
TBS's live coverage of the match started at 10:40pm. Just before the 11:00pm kickoff, ratings rose to 50%, then reached 60% five minutes later. The peak of 64.9% came just before the end of the first half.
The 57.3% average was measured between 10:40pm and 1:10am, which was the match's scheduled time slot. However, because the score was still tied at 0-0 after the second half, the game went into extended time. The extended time and the subsequent penalty shootout were counted under a separate time slot, but even that period averaged 53.5% ratings. Overall, the match reached an estimated 77.8% of the television-viewing audience. (Tokyograph)

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