Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Narimaya Hiroki releases special 10th anniversary photobook

Actor and model Narimiya Hiroki is looking back on the 10 years since his debut and has released his "Narimaya Hiroki 10th Anniversary Book". In 100 pages, he is showing photos specially for this book and reviews his 10 year history in a 20,000 character interview. The charm of this collection lies in the Narimiya "element" of expression and is something to look forward to.
About the sexy shots, which are also included, he said, "Usually I don't wear that many clothes at home either so that's pretty real (laughs). In my generation there are a great number of rivals. There is Oguri Shun or Eita, Fujiwara Tatsuya. We are all of the same age yet with individual characters. I think I have my own character too. From now onwards, I plan and look forward to being active for another 10 years - not just in Japan, but also China, Korea, maybe Hollywood and Europe and I would like to go to each place energetically as they come in sight and take up activities there." (Music Japan+)

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