Saturday, July 17, 2010

Matsumoto Jun has a new CM for Fasio mascara!

Hooray! Matsumoto Jun from Arashi has made a new Fasio mascara CM! KOSE’s cosmetic brand “Fasio” released a new cosmetic item “mascaliner”, which is a combination of mascara and eye-liner. For this new product a new CM with Jun was created and started airing on the 16th.
The new CM is titled “Big invention! Mascaliner – Part I” and Jun is a “matsugeya-san” who makes ladies’ eyelashes beautiful.
Jun has also finished shooting “Big invention! Mascaliner – Part II” which will air in fall 2010. Rumor has it that somebody unexpected will co-star with Jun – so we’ll have to wait to see who.
See the new CM and the making of the CM at the Fasio website here. (tokyohive)

Seriously, Jun's Fasio mascara CMs are my favourite!

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