Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lavish 100 million yen wedding reception for Kobayashi Mao and Ichikawa Ebizo

Nothing but the best for married couple Kobayashi Mao (28) and Kabuki actor Ichikawa Ebizo (32). After coming back from Paris, the two held a wedding banquet at the prestigious Price Park Tower Tokyo on the 29th of July. About 1 000 guests attended the 11hour event, and the cost of the banquet was 100 million yen, about 100 million USD. 600-700 staff swere involved.

Unsurprisingly, rumors have surfaced. Some people are wondering about who will be shouldering the cost of this reception, as it would be unlikely that Ichikawa has so much to spare. It has been suspected that NTV paid for over half of the expenses incurred.

Also, mixed comments on the internet. Some people say that the 4 metre long wedding dress Mao wore looked weird, while others felt that she looked gorgeous in it. And a new nickname for the couple: Ebimao! (Entame)

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