Friday, July 9, 2010

Kitano Kie and Sano Kazuma dating, caught kissing

The newest issue of FRIDAY reveals that actress Kitano Kie (19) and actor Sano Kazuma (21) are in a relationship. The magazine recently spotted the two staying at a hotel together and even sharing a kiss on the street.

Earlier this month, Kitano and Sano met up in the lobby of a large hotel in Tokyo's Shibuya ward. After checking in, they spent the night there and didn't leave the hotel until past 11:30am the next morning. FRIDAY speculates that Kitano may have been in a rush as they left, since her hair was still wet. Still, they walked on the street for about ten minutes while holding hands, then openly shared a kiss.

FRIDAY published several photos of the two, including their kiss together. Details about how their relationship started are sparse, but it seems that they both went to the same high school. This past February, another magazine reported that Kitano went on a date with actor Hayashi Kento (19), so her relationship with Sano may have started very recently. Indeed, some news outlets are reporting that they started dating after working together on a mobile drama that was filmed between late April and early May.

While FRIDAY was researching the article, they asked Kitano's agency about her and Sano, and the agency stated that the two are good friends. After the new issue hit the stands, Sankei Sports tried reaching the agency for comment but did not receive one. Meanwhile, Sano's agency stated that it would not touch on a private matter. (Tokyograph)

*update* (from Kawaii Joyuu)
Kitano's agency: "They are just close friends."

Sano's agency: "Since it's a private matter, we aren't in a position to make a comment."

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