Monday, July 19, 2010

Ikuta Toma, Aragaki Yui attend summer event

The starring actors of the upcoming movie "Hanamizuki", Aragaki Yui (22) and Ikuta Toma (25) attended the opening ceremony of the summer event "Summer Sacas 2010 akasaka Big Bang" at akasaka Sacas in Tokyo.

Several attractions have been established for the summer event within the Sacas area and Aragaki would like to try some of them. "I'm easily scared, but I would really like to try that out," she said looking at the haunted house that has been built for TBS variety show "Lincoln." However, when the host told her that it's actually a full-blown haunted house and not just a setting for the show, she smiled and corrected herself, "Oh, then.. maybe I shouldn't… ."

This year it's the 3rd time that Sacas is doing such a summer event, but it's the first time they used TBS TV shows and movies as themes for some the attractions. There even is a 6m (20 ft) tall hanamizuki tree (Flowering Dogwood) towering the surrounds, which is why Aragaki and Ikuta had the honor to participate in the opening ceremony.
During the interview on stage, both of them talked about each other's first impressions. Ikuta, "She's a beautiful woman with a strong heart. You wouldn't guess it by just looking at her appearance, but she's actually a really strong woman." Aragaki had some nice words for him as well, "The first impression about him was very good and that never changed."
In the movie they portray a couple during a timespan of more than 10 years. The love story begins when they are still in school and they were worried whether the school outfits would still suit them. Ikuta, "The school uniform absolutely still suited Yui-chan, but I was really worried about myself." However, once they were in Hokkaido to film those scenes, Ikuta became a bit more relaxed. "When we first tried on the outfits I honestly was like 'Huh?!' when I saw him in the school uniform, but once we were in Hokkaido his expression adapted to the atmosphere and he really seemed like a senior high school student," Aragaki added.
The summer event of akasaka Sacas in Akasaka, Tokyo will last until August 31. "Hanamizuki" will open in cinemas on August 21. (Kawaii Joyuu)

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