Friday, July 9, 2010

I. Need. Your. Feedback.

Hello everyone, I need your help here! This andwewonder blog has been up for over half a year, and I want to know your views on my site and how I can improve it. Please find a way to reach me, either through
1. Email andwewondergmailcom
2. Formspring me
3. Leave a comment to this post
4. Use the tagboard

I'd really appreciate it if you could take some time to give me some feeback, namely what you come to this blog for, what you like/dislike, and areas for improvement or things you want to see in the future. Also, feel free to tell me your favourite singers/actors or other interests so that I can be more specific in my articles. :) Even if you are a first time visitor! And my fellow lurkers, it's time for you to come out of your hiding hole! I would be glad if you can point our any flaws, but please do not use any vulgarities. I will not use your email for silly stuff like sending you chain mails or anything and I will not publish your email on my blog (unless you do so yourself) so feel free to email me!

Side note: Anyone wants to be my snail mail/email pen pal? Email me!


  1. I was linked here through a blog about Kame. Then i skimmed through all of your entries and I say that they all sounded interesting :D Being a first time here in your web so i dont have any bad comment or whatsoever. So far i like your blog and i say i will keep coming back to this site for more :D Im a fan of KAT-TUN so i find all of your articles in KT interesting whether they be rumor or not :P

  2. oops I commented on Formspring. I like your blog. Found it recently when I was googling "Akanishi"

  3. lol, well I like Japanese gossip. And so far, I think you're doing a fine job with that. I don't really have anything else to say. Just to please stay active. There's alot of J-Pop-based news / blogging sites that started off pretty strong, then suddenly they just stop updating it. I know people have lives outside blogs, but try to remember us!

  4. Hello first anonymous comment-giver! Hehehe thanks for commenting! :D Glad you like my blog. Could you give me the url of the site that linked me? Heh I'm curious!

  5. Hello second anonymous commenter (the one that posted on my formspring). Haha, it's okay! Lol Akanishi does provide lots of gossip for Japanese tabloids. -.- Thanks for your praise, and glad to hear that you comment often!

  6. Third anonymous comment giver! Sadly, my blog will become less updated for the rest of this year because I'm taking my o level examinations in November. :/ Also, I was on school holidays in June, so I had more time. May and June are probably the most updated months. However, I will try as much to update. And I will come back after my exams! I'm also planning on learning Japanese so maybe I can improve my articles~ Thanks for giving me your sincere opinion!

  7. @andwewonder...
    Hello, I'm the third anonymous comment giver XD. Well, that's okay. I understand, school will take up more than half your day! And if you have a job, too, woosh! It's exhausting. I want you to understand that I understand (lol, I should figure out a better way to say that). School comes first! Good luck on your exams! Study hard. XD


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