Sunday, July 4, 2010


If you can live any place in the world where would it be and why?
Hmmm.... What a tough question! I've always wanted to live in an Asian city where the weather is cool and dry and I could have a bit of snow each year, since Singapore is so hot and humid and the only thing I reallyREALLY dislike about Singapore is the weather.

I think Tokyo or Taiwan would be on the top of my list. Taiwan would be nice since I can speak and read Chinese, and the environment there is rather similar to Japan. I like to think of Taiwan as a country of Chinese people who live like Japanese. And it's big, so if I get sick of the main city in Taipei I can go on a short vacation to the less popiulated areas. Tokyo... My obsession with all things Japanese definitely influences me a lot, but sometimes I think somewhere like Yokohama would be better for me. But overall, Japan is so expensive! (though I'm assuming that cost isn't a factor) When I went to Japan some time ago, I was at Sendai for a while and I really liked it because it was really quiet, but I think I'd get bored after a few months.

So, my answer is probably somewhere in Japan (not sure exactly where!) Hahaha I think that just by reading my blog, you'd be able to guess where I want to stay!

I LOVE ARASHI!!!!!!!!!! I JUST RAN INTO YOUR BLOG TODAY. Where do you hear all these news? Amazing gossip! Im never good at keeping up with the gossip but I would love to learn from you! xD

Thanks for your lovely compliments! =(>0.0<)= I usually get all this news and gossip from a few different sources, but most of the official-ish comes from For more gossipy Johnny's Entertainent news, I usually go to It's in Japanese though!
You can see the the link for the source at the end of each article, just click on it and it'll direct you to the exact webpage that I got the news from. Like that, it's easier, to find the sources that you're most interested in! Have fun!

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