Saturday, July 3, 2010

First live concert for Kuroki Meisa

It has been announced that actress Kuroki Meisa (22) will have her first live concert on October 6 at the Ebisu Garden Hall in Tokyo.

Kuroki debuted as a singer in June 2008 and just had her first live performance at the "GirlsAward2010" fashion show back in May this year. She only was able to perform two songs at the event, but the audience was blown away by her sexiness and fierce dancing skills. After that, many of her fans demanded to see more from her and her agency hurried to organize her first live concert.

At the concert she will sing around 10 different songs, including her most recent single "5 -FIVE-". The stage will reach halfway into the audience, so that really everyone will enjoy the concert to the fullest.
Kuroki about the concert, "It's the first 'one man show' in my life. I'd like to do the rehearsals while checking through the past event again and carefully prepare for the upcoming performance." (Kawaii Joyuu)

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