Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Drop in ratings for MatsuJuns getsu9 dorama. :O

The ratings for Matsumoto Jun's currently airing drama "Natsu no koi ha nijiiro ni kagayaku" has dropped drastically, from 15.7% for the first episode on 19th July to 10.9% for the second episode, which just aired on 26th July. In the drama, MatsuJun co-stars with Takeuchi Yuko.

The drama airs on 9pm every Monday night, and is considered one of the most sought after time slots that constantly turns in the highest ratings.

This is bad news for Jun, who a popular member of Johnny's Entertainment group Arashi, as he has not been doing very well in his dramas since the extremely popular Hana Yori Dango series. It is also likely that the dorama ratings will drop further on.

The dorama on the same slot before this, Kimura Takuya's (SMAP) "Moon Lovers", also suffered from unspectacular ratings. (Entame)

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