Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tanaka Koki of KAT-TUN used to be bullied in school

KAT-TUN member, Tanaka Koki confessed that he used to be bullied by classmates on their radio program “KAT-TUN style.” The two personalities from KAT-TUN on this day were Tanaka Koki and Taguchi Junnosuke.
On one of the corners of the radio show, "Majime ni Hanashima special" (Let’s have a serious conversation), KAT-TUN members provide advice to listeners. On this specific episode, an 8th grade girl wrote in asking them for advice.
She wrote, “I have been bullied at school since I was in 6th grade, so I’m scared to go to school. Please give me some advice and courage.”
Koki said right away, “I was bullied too when I was in elementary school. They hid my shoes, they put thumbtacks on my chair. Somebody even wrote “stupid” on somebody’s desk, and everyone pointed at me saying, ‘We think Tanaka did it.’”
Koki added, “There should be someone to help you, and if you keep facing it, you will see the light at the end. That’s what I did.”
Koki’s confession about his past astonished Junnosuke. (tokyohive)

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