Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SMAP to publish a one-time magazine

SMAP is getting its own special one-time magazine issue, currently titled "Super-fashion & Music Assemble Photo-magazine" (abbreviated as SMAP). The issue will be jointly edited by the magazine houses of popeye and anan, with a target release date of August 25.
SMAP will fill the pages of the entire magazine (duh), which is planned to be roughly 140 pages in length. This is the first time they have undertaken such a project.
One of the highlights of the magazine is that it includes conversations between SMAP members and other well-known celebrities. For example, Goro Inagaki (36) spoke with manga artist Naoki Urasawa (50), while Shingo Katori (33) spoke with fashion designer Tom Brown. Other features of the magazine include a special essay by author Mariko Hayashi (56), previously unpublished off-shot photos of SMAP (some as old as ten years ago), a survey-based ranking of SMAP's songs, and various topics such as date fashion. (Tokyograph)

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