Monday, June 7, 2010

Shirota Yuu to act in musical "Elisabeth"

Shirota Yuu (24) is slated to act in "Elisabeth", a popular musical that has been staged 796 times since it's debut in Japan in 2000. He will act as Death, a dashing young man with whom the musical's heroine, Empress Elisabeth, shares a love-hate relationship with all her life. He is the youngest actor to be picked for this role so far.

In 2003, when Yuu was still in Horikoshi High School, he auditioned for the same role but was not chosen. However, the producers of the musical took notice of him because of his tall stature (188cm) and chiseled features. Now, seven years later, he has finally gotten the role.

The musical will play from 30 October to 9 August at the Imperial Theatre in Tokyo. (Sanspo)

More info on the musical here, in case you get confused by my description of the musical. =.=\\

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