Saturday, June 26, 2010

My perler bead project, formspring

Hi there, everyone! As you can see, I've put up a new poll! Please do indicate where you're from, because I have a feeling that I have more visitors from US, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia than Singapore! Teehee, it'd be fun to know where all the fangirls come from. Please answer TRUTHFULLY! Oh, I did my first perler bead last night, and it's much more challenging than I thought, but still enjoyable all the same. :) Eventually I want to sell my perler bead creations, but I'm nowhere near that stage right now! On the left, after ironing, and on the right, before ironing. Below them, a picture of me!
Haha, I don't think so! The way you ask seems more like a statement than a question, so I'm wondering if you're asking me if he does have a girlfriend or it's just some shocked fangirl reaction lilke, "OMG KAMENAHSI KAZUYA HAS A GIRLFRIEND?!?!"
Okay anyway, I haven't heard that he has a girlfriend. Actually I suspect that he does, really, just that he's not as "careless" as the other Johnnys. He just seems like that sort of person to me!


  1. Isn't he dating the lady who is 20years older then him again? I thought I read about it in Jan in Japan_Now.

  2. Hmm, I'm not too clear if Kame has a girlfriend because I only started being really interested in all this gossip news sometime this year (in other words, I'm a noob at this), so I don't know if there were any rumors before. But I can guaranteee that there haven't been any big rumors for the past few months now!

  3. I believe he has a girlfriend, Kame is very much the type to have one! Like really, who wouldn't want the chance to date such an amazing guy with tons of different good points? I would say yes in a heartbeat, ahahaah..:) I;m not 100% sure but I heard that he was dating someone from South Korea..but it's a long distance relationship.
    Another thing, they way you posted "OMG KAMENASHI KAZUYA HAS A GIRLFRIENDS?!?!" Is exactly how I first said it when I read about it!xD


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