Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Matsuoka Masahiro broke up with his girlfriend

Matsuoka Masahiro (33) of Jonny's Entertainment band TOKIO has broken up with his girlfriend of 6plus years. The exact identity of the woman is unknown, but she has been described as short and resembling Nakagawa Shoko, who is 155cm tall. Matsuoka and his girlfriend have been staying together for quite a while now, with Matsuoka first acknowledging the fact that they live together in March 2008. Tabloids have also caught photos of them together at his apartment. There had also been much speculation that the two would get married soon.

It seems that the reason for this breakup is because Matsuoka and his girlfriend could not see eye to eye on Matsuoka's work commitments and the troubles that come with being a member of a popular boyband (think snap-happy journalists and rabid fans). Matsuoka said that although he had planned on getting married before he turned thirty, he could not really see a future with his girlfriend and hence they decided to break up. He also said that he thinks that marriage is not difficult, but he would be better off going out with someone in the music industry as well.

No comment from Johnny's (as usual), but he's already 33, and his bandmate Yamaguchi Tatsuya has a son! (Entame)

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